"You will never be the same again. You reading this is no coincidence. Your PASSION for LIBERATION from the materialistic clutches of this capitalist construct guided you to INDEPENDENCE. You are free. You are now. Your thoughts are a machete hacking through the veil of mediocrity maintained by the shadow elite. Your power-animal is a raised fist. Your middle finger, a burning flag. Your voice, a weapon of distant screaming, FOKOF! into the furrowed faces of our oppressor overlords. The spirit of FOKOF has led you to the water, you magnificent bastard.


Style: Lager

OG: 1.042

FG: 1.008

IBUs: 11

ABV: 4%


South Africa is a beer drinking nation – there’s no disputing that. But if we dig a bit deeper, it also becomes obvious that we are a lager drinking nation. For as long as anyone can remember, we’ve been up to our collective noses in it. The problem is that most of it has been produced as an exercise in profit and not flavour. Big beer has drifted far from the origins of this traditional style.

Lagering actually dates as far back as medieval times, where brewers would barrel ferment in the cooler temperatures of caves, but the advent of refrigeration in the late 19th century helped to perpetuate it to new levels of popularity. Consistently cool temperatures, along with a bottom fermenting yeast, yielded a clear, clean and long-lasting beer which now helps define the style. A style we feel is not being faithfully represented by what’s commercially available . . . until now.

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company’s Lager has been created as an ode to the traditional lagers of Germany. Brewed with the famous noble Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, we have looked to the past to bring you the future of beer in South Africa. Made with 100% malt, we do not add sugar or adjuncts to cut corners and save cost. Simply put, the unwavering quality and passion you have come to expect from #DPBC means one simple thing.

This is not your typical lager, but lager as it should be.


Aroma: Clean crisp malt character supported by a mild, spicy and slightly floral aroma of the famous noble Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hops.

Appearance: Pale yellow in colour and brilliantly clear. Medium white head with good retention.

Flavour: Very delicate malt profile with an unobtrusive hop character and low level of bitterness.

Mouthfeel: Light in body.  Medium to high carbonation level with a full flavoured mouthfeel as a result of the 100% malt used.

Overall Impression: Easy drinking, fresh and vibrant.